Sijtze A Belkr

Bodrum - North Dodecanese - Bodrum with A/C Boats - 14.06.2014 - 11:54:12

We have been sailing 14/5 times. BuleCruis in Turkey and Greek waters. This time we where sailing a 4 times with one or too sails.

Very satisfactory.


Marmaris - Fethiye (Mini Tour) with A/C Boats - 14.06.2014 - 14:21:15

Very attentive and pleasant staff


Fethiye - Marmaris (Mini Tour) with A/C Boats - 14.06.2014 - 14:32:24

Very friendly crew. Very helpful

Akkaya Melek

14.06.2014 - 10:59:36

Thank You...

Semra & Ahmet Kocataş

14.06.2014 - 10:55:52

Beyaz peynir ve zeytin haricinde her şey çok güzeldi. Personel çok efendi. Tşk.

Barış - Serpil Tuyun

Marmaris - Fethiye - Marmaris with A/C Boats - 14.06.2014 - 14:56:04

Tura katılırken kafamdaki endişeler, mürettebatın ve müşteri temsilcilerinin samimi ve sıcak ve güven veren tavırlarıyla yok olup gitti. Bu güzel tatil anımıza katkılarından dolayı sonsuz teşekkürler

Adriana & Cerarduo Weenimk

Bodrum - North Dodecanese - Bodrum with A/C Boats - 14.06.2014 - 11:42:07

We have meet nice new people and anjoyed everything ver much.


Marmaris - Fethiye (Mini Tour) with A/C Boats - 14.06.2014 - 14:23:41

Thank you. we have very much enjoyed our cruise. Always tell people ahead what is happening and explain important things. it would be a good idea to have "swim noodles" on board as well as goggles

Von Der Keegh Jer De Jonge, Anna

10.06.2014 - 11:47:56

Friendly, helpfull, attending crew and captain. Great cook. (Healty & tasty food)


Anita Ernnara & Bruno Rigotti

09.06.2014 - 10:44:14

The quality of services have been superior of our expectation

Artur Valbertran

Marmaris - Fethiye - Marmaris with A/C Boats - 09.06.2014 - 15:19:18

Very Helpfull Crew.

Maria Prato

09.06.2014 - 11:12:25

Fantastic Holiday.

Francesca Perego

09.06.2014 - 11:08:57

Special compliments to the cooker.

Monica Fangarebbi & Roberto Picelli

09.06.2014 - 10:40:47

Very kind staff.
A suggestion: it would be nice to have a KAYAK OR similar thing on board, to enjoy the days even more. Special Thanks to our captain Mustafa & Borat

Gillian Lanedale Smith

Sergul Sultan - 08.06.2014 - 12:17:43

Excellent food & presentation by cook. Pity about the weather but overall enjoyed the cruise very much

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