Covid 19 Precautions

Covid 19 Precautions

Covid 19 Precautions.

What is the most suitable holiday option in terms of health in the gradual normalization process after coronavirus?
Taking a blue cruise by renting a private boat is at the top of the holiday alternatives for your health.

What advantages does a yacht vacation have?
First of all, on the yacht you will rent, you will only be together with your family, your immediate surroundings and the individuals you are sure of their health. You can spend your holiday safely without interacting with other people such as in hotels or holiday villages, using common areas, and not contacting anyone during the entire holiday.

Are boats safe for children and infants?
All our boats are equipped to meet the safety and security conditions determined by the authorized institutions. Life jackets, emergency raft rafts, fire tubes and other equipment for children and adults are regularly checked and certified. As the boat has the equipment that can cause invisible accidents at any time, it is vital that the parents keep the children and babies under observation especially during the cruise. According to the law of the sea, each individual is defined as "passenger" regardless of age. For this reason, when you are planning your blue voyage, you should make your group number by taking into account the children and babies. It is strictly forbidden for boats to accommodate excess capacity.

I don't know how to swim, I have a sea phobia, can I still go on a Blue Cruise?
Definitely yes. We have life jackets and rescue equipment for emergencies on all our yachts. In the bays anchored for a swimming break, you can swim in the sea with a life jacket under the supervision of our crew, especially our captain. For our guests who do not swim or have a sea phobia, we have the opportunity to take them to the shores and shallow waters in the bays with our shuttle boats. For many years, we hosted many non-swimmers on our yachts and sent them home as good swimmers.

What measures are taken on yachts against coronavirus?
The Association of Turkish Yacht Agencies Association (TYBA), of which we are a member, has made it necessary to disinfect and hygiene procedures in every yacht change in all yachts. As Barbaros Yachting, we regularly host our yachts by conducting Covid 19 tests and preparing our yachts in accordance with the hygiene rules before each tour.

Will there be a capacity limitation on yachts?
According to the information we received from the Port Authorities, there will be no restriction for commercial yachts. It is foreseen that the relevant capacity limitation may be on daily tour boats. In case of any changes regarding the restriction, you should not doubt that we will inform you by sharing the official articles.

How are the hygiene conditions and food services in the kitchens on the boats?
A standard cook is available on each boat. Official documents are given to our cooks after the examinations made by the relevant authorities. Kitchens in boats are generally in places where our guests can see and enter and control whenever they want. All meals are served to the plates of our guests and common scoops, spoons, etc. are not used. Sterilization of our kitchen utensils is also provided more effectively and frequently. Our kitchens are open to all our guests and anyone who wishes can enter and show their cooking skills to their family members and friends whenever they want.

Can we do our food and beverage shopping ourselves?
Our guests; It is free to buy the desired brand products from the markets, butchers and greengrocers they prefer, in accordance with their dietary preferences and taste. There are no restrictions for this.

Which route should we choose?
We recommend you to Gökova and Hisarönü Bay for tours departing from Bodrum, and Fethiye and Datça routes for tours departing from Marmaris. On these routes, you can enjoy the holiday in untouched and isolated bays without entering the crowded harbors. Even if there are other yachts in the bays you will anchor, there will be a distance between you and you will not have to worry about social distance.

Do we have a chance to go to the Greek Islands by boat?
We recommend our boats departing from Bodrum for our guests who are planning to go to the Greek Islands. In terms of location, Bodrum, which is in the middle of the North and South 12 Islands, will be the most suitable port for you, but on Greek Islands tours, accommodation is mostly done at the port. There is not much chance of accommodation in calm bays in Turkish waters in Greek Islands, and additional port taxes are covered by our guests in all islands. Port charges, excluding private marinas in Turkish waters, are included in the price.

We have never had a blue cruise experience before. It will be our first yacht vacation experience.
We provide all kinds of professional support to our guests who have never had a blue cruise experience before and after booking. You can direct all questions that come to your mind without hesitation. You can reach the experienced team of Barbaros Yachting, who will answer all your questions sincerely and guide you in every subject, by phone, mail or interactive chat on our website. There is no doubt that we will offer you the most suitable boat and route alternatives based on your requests.

Is there insurance on yachts?
All of our yachts are covered by the insurance that is determined by the authorities.

Is a boat holiday suitable for guests with problems such as seasickness, claustrophobia or sleep apnea?
First of all, the boat is a mobile platform. There will be slight shaking and wobbling on the boat, especially depending on the weather conditions during the cruise. Short-term seasickness can be observed in our guests who will have a boat holiday for the first time or experience any kind of watercraft. Of course, this is a situation that varies from person to person. You can easily get wristbands or pills against any seasickness at any pharmacy before the start of the tour.

Boat cabins are between 6 and 10 m2 in average. Our guests, who are uncomfortable with a long stay in indoor environments, can take a sleep without a hole under the stars on the deck by taking pike, blanket and pillows according to the weather conditions.

Our guests with sleep apnea can have an uneventful holiday if they bring their medical devices with 12 V or 24 V power. There are also generators that provide 220 V energy in our boats, but it is not possible to work continuously at night due to both noise and technical reasons. You have the possibility to charge your phone, laptop and other electronic devices during the day.

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