Luxury Yacht/Boat/Gulet Charter Greece

Luxury Yacht/Boat/Gulet Charter Greece

Luxury Yacht/Boat/Gulet Charter Greece.

Boats in Luxury category have all the features like air conditioning, LCD TV, DVD players and fully furnished navigational devices that will make you feel in security during your Blue Cruise, but also give to our guests the possibility to experience a more comfy and luxurious travel.

With spacious rooms and bathrooms you will feel like you are in a floating hotel.

Greece is famous in the world for the beauty of its islands and beaches. You can witness the history in Greece in every monument you encounter on the way. You can feel Ancient Greece in historical monuments . Millions of people visit Greece every year especially Acropolis of Athens, but also exclusive places like Mount Athos.

The capital of Greece, Athens, a city full of story and culture, together with Piraeus and nearby suburbs is home to more than 3 million people. Other important cities are Thessaloniki, Patras, Heraklion, Volos, Kalamata, Corfù, Rhodes and Corinth. In Greece there are more than 2000 islands from which only 200 are inhabited. The most famous and visited ones are Corfu in Ionian Sea; Mykonos, Paros, Naxos and Santorini in Aegean Sea; Rhodes and Patmos in Dodecanese and Skopelos which belongs to theSporades islands group. Also the nature is very generous in Greece, most famous products are olives, grape, tomatoes, oranges, fish. The Greek cuisine is also not to miss.

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