Mykonos - Santorini

Mykonos - Santorini.

Day 1: Mykonos Arrival day. Join your group at 14:00 for a welcome meeting and enjoy Mykonos glory, while you are getting to know each other. Your boat will stay overnight in Mykonos. After you settle in, your tour manager will take you to Paradise Beach, the most famous beach of the island, full of young people and unique beach bars. Get ready to be body-painted and dance till dawn! Cavo Paradiso and Paradise club will host worldwide famous Dj’s and we will be our guests! This is Mykonos! Activity: Body paint Party ( included)
Day 2: Mykonos Enjoy breakfast with friends on the vintage 30ft wooden ship and if needed take a refreshing dive on a beach near by from your boat, while docked in the waters of Mykonos to wake up from the last night’s hangover! In the morning we will explore the old town. Walk around the famous sugar-cube houses, feel part of little Venice, explore picturesque allies and say hi to the famous Pelican (mascot of the island). At night, get ready for our private boat party event, with our famous DJ on board and unlimited refreshing cocktails and drinks! Later on join your pub crawl at Mykonos town, led by your tour manager! The night is ours! ** Weather dependent we might sail towards Rhnia, a secluded island 1 hour away from Mykonos and have our Private boat party there instead!** Activity: Private Boat Party ( included)
Day 3: Mykonos to Paros We depart from Mykonos and sail towards Paros. After your breakfast, get ready to explore the island with our Quad’s and experience first hand the Cycladic scenery. Paros is famous for its water sports and especially wind surfing but also for its crazy night life! The island catches the warm winds and breezes of the sea, so if you fancy some adventure water sports this is the place to do so. Feel the breeze, get dazzled by the unparalleled beauty of Aegean sea and stop for a swim at secluded bays. Later on walk around the old town or relax on white sandy beaches. At night get ready to feel the Cuba experience in Paros, enjoy shisha with your new friends and then head for clubbing till dawn! Optional activity: Quad Safari
Day 4: Paros Wake up smoothly and enjoy the Aegean archipelago of Paros. In the morning you have free time to charge your batteries and walk around the island. Take a refreshing dive at the golden waters of Paros island or just chill with your friends. Your go! Your tour manager will offer you an orientation walk of Paroikia town and will inform you about the history of the island. Enjoy the Cycladic scenery, feel the breeze and later on get ready for our private beach party at a secluded bay in Paros, with loud music, cold booze, optional karaoke and party until late! Are you ready for another pub crawl? We are happy to oblige! Activity: Private Beach Party ( included) ***Weather dependant on Day 4 we will sail from Paros to Naxos and overnight there.
Day 5: Paros to Ios Today we sail from Paros to Ios and when we arrive we head straight to the hottest beach on the island, called Mylopotas. The famous beach is full of young people, refreshing cocktails and hot sand. Brave enough to join the water sports! Get ready to explore hidden caves, swim at azure blue waters and experience Ios like never before! After our optional dinner,experience the famous night life of Ios with our bar crawl and get drunk with free shots and refreshing cocktails! Optional activity: Speed Boat safari & water sports
Day 6: Ios After Ios’s last night hangover take a refreshing dive to wake up or just chill at the wind curved beaches of Ios. Taste the famous traditional Greek cuisine by the sea, feel the vibe of the island and enjoy your free time. Later on the day, we will set our private BBQ at a secluded beach with lots of BOOZE, fun, free spirit, delicious local meat and get ready for the second round of pub crawl at Ios! Let’s do this! Activity: BBQ at a secluded beach ( included)
Day 7: Ios to Santorini We depart from Ios and after sailing for a couple of hours, Santorini will arise for our eyes only! After our breakfast, it’s time to explore Santorini ! Take a 20 min walk up the steep donkey path to the old town, Thira or use the cable-car ( cost 5€ p.p.). Thira is the central town, full of boutiques, markets, taverna’s and coffee shops. This worldwide famous destination, honeymoon dream for couples around the world, reveals its secrets as our tour manager will show you the hidden gems of the island. On the day a bus tour is available, that will get you around the island. At night, watch the jaw-dropping sunset at Oia and take selfies for life! Tonight you will be back on our boats at around 22:00 to mingle with your new friends and relax on your deck! Optional activity: Let’s go Santorini!
Day 8: Departure Day Say goodbye to your new friends and take a last look of the breathtaking view of Santorini. All the good stories have always an ending… Maybe next year?

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