Cabin Charters

Cabin Charters

Cabin Charters.

Cabin  Charters in Bodrum in Turkey, Barbaros YAchting


Cabin Charters (Cruises from the Brochure)

Blue Cruise used to be a dream for some in the past… Though, today many can make this dream come true… We will be more than glad to have you as our guests in our Cabin Charters which are suitable for every budget and vary in routes.

The advantage of joining a Cabin Charter is that, you do not have to gather a group of your own in order to have a “Blue Cruise”. You have the opportunity to enjoy a “Blue Cruise” together with a group of sea-lovers from all around the globe. It is a wonderful way to meet new friends from all different countries and cultures. You can join the Cabin Charters either on your own or with your friends and family members.

Cabin Charters are being made with gulets that have 6 to 16 cabins.

We have 9 different cabin charter programs with guaranteed departures.

Recommended Itinerary for Cabin Charters

Recommended Itinerary for Cabin Charters.

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