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Featured Gulets for Charter

Featured Gulets for Charter.



recommendations our clients say

recommendations our clients say.

Barbaros Yachting.
Barbaros Yachting is one of the leading companies in the Blue Cruise and Yacht Tourism sector. Our company, which was established in 1991, will complete its 30th year in this sector in the season of 2021. We owe that success to the trust and unlimited support we have been receiving from you. We would like to thank all our "Blue Cruise" guests for recommending us to their family and friends. Apart from being able to sell directly to its individual customers, Barbaros Yachting is active in Turkey, Europe and in several regions of the world and carries out successfully the Blue Cruise operations of many major tour operators. ...

If you have a family or a group of friends who wish to travel together, why not consider a tailor-made private charter? You will have the yacht exclusively to yourselves! And we are offering a highly personal service and traditional cuisine served on board. We can provide gulets to accommodate groups from 2 cabins to 16 cabins. Each gulet has a mix of quat , triple, twin and double- bedded cabins. Each cabin has its own separate lavatory, shower and wash basin.  ...

If you would like to charter a motoryacht for Turkey (Turkish coast) or a motoryacht for Greek islands, we will be more than glad to serve you. You will have the motoryacht exclusively for yourselves with friends or family. The fully equipped motoryachts are ready the serve you with the best crew inside. The most suitable motoryacht to cruise Turkish coast or Greek Islands according to your preferances either Luxury Motoryachts or of lower standards will be provided by Barbaros Yachting. Just let us know the size of the motoryacht you need, how many people you are and inform us about the route you want and your motoryacht will be ready to give you the best moments of your life.  ...

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