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Yachting Holidays in Turkey & Greek Islands

Barbaros Yachting offers Luxurious Crewed Yacht Cruises and Cabin Charters in Turkey & Greek Islands. Sail as a group, couple or single along the Aegean and Mediterranean coast. Discover hidden bays, swim in crystal blue waters, step back in time through ancient ruins, meet local people, do water sports, diving, fishing and taste delicious food.

Welcome to 2021 Season

Dear Guests Welcome on Board,
First of all we would like to thank you for your continued support, loyalty and recommendations to family and friends. Your travels will always fill your suitcase with treasures which all have a story that becomes a memory for life. Being a part of those lifelong memories is a gift for us. We love to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for the part you have always played in the development and growth of Barbaros Yachting.

The feedback received from you urges us to improve the quality of our service. We continue our investments with the encouragement you have provided. To this end we have extended our operations in
Greece, with Turkish, Greek and Maltese flagged yachts.

Our new modern designed Luxury Yacht VIRTUOSO will be at your service at Athens base, available for cruising through Argo – Saronic Gulfs (Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Porto Heli, Nafphlion etc.), Ionian Sea (Corfu, Zante, Lefkas, Kefalonia, Ithaka etc.) Cyclades...

Covid 19 Precautions

What is the most suitable holiday option in terms of health in the gradual normalization process after coronavirus?
Taking a blue cruise by renting a private boat is at the top of the holiday alternatives for your health.

What advantages does a yacht vacation have?
First of all, on the yacht you will rent, you will only be together with your family, your immediate surroundings and the individuals you are sure of their health. You can spend your holiday safely without interacting with other people such as in hotels or holiday villages, using common areas, and not contacting anyone during the entire holiday.

Are boats safe for children and infants?
All our boats are equipped to meet the safety and security conditions determined by the authorized institutions. Life jackets, emergency raft rafts, fire tubes and other equipment for children and adults are regularly checked and certified. As the boat has the equipment that can cause invisible accidents at any...



Private Yacht Charters

PRIVATE YACHT RENTAL (Exclusive Tailor-Made Gulet Tours) Dear Guests, As Barbaros Yachting famil...

Private Yacht Charters.
Cabin Charters


Cabin Charters.
Daily Yacht Tours

If you are looking for something special and extraordinary during your vacation, then this will be t...

Daily Yacht Tours.
Motor Yacht

If you would like to charter a motoryacht for Turkey (Turkish coast) or a motoryacht for Greek islan...

Motor Yacht.

Yoga Cruises

What is Yoga ? Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development...

Yoga Cruises.

CRUISE AND HIKE 7 NIGHTS 8 DAYS The Carian Trail is an 800 km long distance walk...

Wedding & Honeymoon

In the most important day of your life be ready to set sail to the happiness.. Imagine saying ‘Yes’ ...

Wedding & Honeymoon.





Important Information Barbaros Yacht web pages give you an opportunity to make ...

Featured Gulets for Charter

Featured Gulets for Charter.

recommendations our clients say

recommendations our clients say.

Barbaros Yachting.
Barbaros Yachting is one of the leading companies in the Blue Cruise and Yacht Tourism sector. Our company, which was established in 1991, will complete its 30th year in this sector in the season of 2021. We owe that success to the trust and unlimited support we have been receiving from you. We would like to thank all our "Blue Cruise" guests for recommending us to their family and friends. Apart from being able to sell directly to its individual customers, Barbaros Yachting is active in Turkey, Europe and in several regions of the world and carries out successfully the Blue Cruise operations of many major tour operators. ...

Important Information Barbaros Yacht web pages give you an opportunity to make a transit reservation in three easy steps. When you complete your reservation you can go to 'my account' and print your itinerary for the reserved vehicle. A first idea of the guests about you and your country starts just after the custom formalities at airport. We, welcome the guests with our vast experience in order to make this first impression positive and successful. After a couple hours of flight our guests meet with our professional genial staff that is waiting for you at the airport with welcome boards on which your names are written. While the vehicle is taking the guests to their hotel, our colleagues are giving brief informatio...

If you would like to charter a motoryacht for Turkey (Turkish coast) or a motoryacht for Greek islands, we will be more than glad to serve you. You will have the motoryacht exclusively for yourselves with friends or family. The fully equipped motoryachts are ready the serve you with the best crew inside. The most suitable motoryacht to cruise Turkish coast or Greek Islands according to your preferances either Luxury Motoryachts or of lower standards will be provided by Barbaros Yachting. Just let us know the size of the motoryacht you need, how many people you are and inform us about the route you want and your motoryacht will be ready to give you the best moments of your life.  ...

News & Announcements.
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